Our Story

Pringle is famous for its knitwear. From classic Scottish cashmere to bold argyle diamonds and from Grace Kelly’s twinset to golfing icons, over two centuries this brand has embraced the traditional, the innovative and the unexpected.

Today, Pringle is recognised as a pioneer of British knitwear and a champion of British heritage and fashion talent. Our modern knitwear collections are a celebration of two-hundred years of knitting knowledge and expertise, combined with a progressive outlook on modern life and style.

The Pringle Lion

The iconic Pringle lion is very much part of the brand's visual heritage. First introduced on garment labels in 1934 it is still used on signature pieces throughout the Men's and Women's collections.

The emblem is also referred to as the 'lion rampant', a traditional term used to describe the lion's stance; depicting the animal in profile with its forepaws raised. Historically a 'lion rampant' has been used on the coat of arms of royal heraldry throughout the UK and Europe. It traditionally symbolises bravery, nobility, strength, and valour.

The lion emblem is still featured on both the Men's and Women's knitwear, interpreted in different ways for the latest collections.


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